How Can I Bring Up Christ In A Normal Conversation?

Sharing your faith can be exciting! You could be so pumped up and ready to share the great news of the gospel, but then you remember that involves you actually have to figure out how to bring up Christ without being awkward.

This is probably one of the main things keeping the gospel from being shared. So how do we fix that? Here's a list of ways you can effectively bring up Christ in normal conversations.


1. Use a questionnaire. 

One of the most popular ways to do this are tracts. Most churches make their own tracts that have Bible verses and a little walkthrough that can be very helpful. So ask someone at your church if they make tracts and start handing them out.


 2. Ask them a question or give them a compliment.

This could be "What are you majoring in?" or "Where are you headed?" just any question that requires a response they definitely know the answer too. Any compliment can be short but needs to be sincere. It's easy to tell when someone is being sincere about something and this will make a world of difference.


3. Drop subtle hints.

Say you're excited to go to church or on your way to a Bible study. This is a great way to break this ice and steer the conversation towards Jesus.


4. Help them with something.

Help your friend move, help your friend with a homework assignment, or help that stranger at the grocery store. Showing God's love to people is probably the best way to witness and it will definitely open the door to new conversation that could lead that lost soul to Christ.


5. Wear something that will help you bring up Christ in a conversation.

This could be a hoodie, hat, shirt, necklace, or even a bracelet. Wearing something that reminds people about Christ gets them thinking about Him without you having to say a word. Then, if they do ask you about your shirt they have done all the work for you. All you'll have to do is simply answer their question.


Incase you forgot to wear your favorite Jesus merch or forgot your tract here are some phrases that you can use that bring up Christ in a non-awkward way.

  • "Do you ever think about spiritual things?"
  • "May I share something with you that's very important to me?"
  • "My father (mother, brother, sister, friend, or even boss could work) and this is what He believes."
  • "Do you know what Christians believe?"


We hopes this helps you further the kingdom of God!!