How Can I Know God's Plan For My Life

God has a perfect plan for all of our lives. Of course that perfect plan gets changed when we sin or don't do something God wants us to do. But how do we know what God wants us to do?

I mean it's not like our individualized plan is written down in the Bible for us. So how can we know God's plan for our life? How some steps that should definitely help you find God's perfect plan for your life.


Step 1. Be in the Bible constantly

Going to church once or twice a week just isn't enough if you want to know God's perfect plan for your life. You must be spending time in the Bible everyday. This will help you discern what the Lord wants for you and what the Lord doesn't want you to do.


Step 2. Pray as much as possible

How are you going to know God's plan if you never talk to Him? You can't. You need to pray everyday asking God what His plan is for you and that He may show it to you. This is probably the most important step.


Step 3. Have Godly friends

Godly friends will tell you when you're not dong right. Godly friends will push you too Christ and not away from Him. If you have worldly friends that will just pull you away from God it's going to be really hard for you to know His will for your life.


Step 4. Do what He is calling you to do

If God is calling you to go talk to someone about Christ then go do it. If God is calling you to be a missionary then do it. God's plans can and most of the time will scare us but that shouldn't stop us from living out His perfect plan. You will being happier and more fulfilled living out God's plan then you can possibly imagine.


Step 5. Ask for guidance

It won't hurt you to ask your pastor or any of your good friends to pray for you. If you have a feeling of what God wants you to do and another godly person who has been praying for you has that same feeling, then it'll be pretty obvious what God wants you to do.