How Do I Find My Worth In Christ?

With all the world's distractions, it is easy to forget where our true worth as Christians lies. We might find our worth in how well we do in school, how well we do in a sport, our physical appearance, or even how many followers we have. It is so easy to forget about Christ and find our worth in things on this earth. 

But when we fall into this trap of finding our worth in worldly things we will never be satisfied. We'll never get enough good grades, win enough championships, be attractive enough, or have enough followers. It's a vicious trap that once you fall into you will never be satisfied. 

So here are some tips to help you remember to find your worth in Christ in which you will feel so much joy and fulfillment.


1. Know God meant to make you how He made you!

For some reason, we forget God is in control. This means God (who is all-knowing, all-powerful, and who doesn't make mistakes) made you. Think about that! The all-powerful all-knowing God made you and didn't make a mistake doing so.

That means you're perfect just how you are! Now that doesn't mean you can't improve yourself and make yourself healthier but just know God meant to make you how He did.


2. Stop seeking validation from external sources.

Whether it's those good grades we talked about, those followers, or that sport we have to stop seeking validation from these things. Now, that is way easier said than done. But instead of seeking validation from these external things we need to seek validation in things above.

It doesn't matter if you get a bad grade, don't get a lot of likes on a post, or do bad that day if you are living for God and doing what He called you to do then none of that other stuff matters. If you trying to reach people for Him online then the likes don't matter, if you being a good example for Him in school or on that team then the grade/performance doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're doing what He wants you to do.


3. Only care what God thinks.

Now, to achieve this one we have to be in His word and constantly in prayer. But if God is our loudest voice then none of the other voices matter. If we're only concerned about doing God's will, nothing anyone could say would matter. If we spend time in the Bible and pray constantly then we only care what God thinks, then we will find our worth in Him.