How To Be Consistent In Your Daily Bible Reading

Have you ever tried to read the Bible through? Have you tried but still never actually finished? Do you struggle with your daily devotions? 

We've all been there! We all know we should read our Bible everyday and we try but we always fail to be consistent. If you're tired of being inconsistent take a couple of minutes and read this blog and find out some easy ways you can make yourself more consistent.


 Step 1: Get an accountability partner.

Get a friend, family member, or even significant other and invite them on the journey you're about to take. Then, give each other daily reminders throughout the day to do your daily Bible reading. This will be one of the best steps to make sure you don't forget to do your devotions.


Step 2 : Get on a plan.

Get some sort of reading or devotional plan that is already laid out for you. The YouVersion Bible app is absolutely amazing at this! They have so many great plans. Whether it's for reading the bible through in a year or if you just want devotionals. The YouVersion Bible app has so much great content on it that it would be hard to go wrong. (We are not affiliated with YouVersion they just make daily Bible reading really easy) 


Step 3: Figure out how you like to read the Bible and stick with that.

If you like to read through a little booklet then do that. If you like to journal then journal about what you just read. Even if you don't like to read, I just recently found out that YouVersion will read the Bible to you.

Which means you could get your daily Bible reading in on your way to work! (Yes I understand this is starting to sound like an add for YouVersion) Find whatever it is that will make you look forward to your devotions.


Step 4: It doesn't matter what time you do your devotions just get them done.

Some people say they have to do their in the mornings, which isn't a bad idea, but if you run out of time in the morning than you just won't read you Bible that day. Don't be scared to mix up your devotional times. Is it good to have a normal time to read your Bible? Of course! But don't be scared if it's not your normal time. It doesn't matter as long as you get your reading in.


Thank you so much for reading and we hope this helps you stay more consistent! Our Blogs have one purpose and it’s to help you grow spiritually. We hope this can be a help to you.

Have a great day! Remember, Jesus Loves You!

Let's go make witnessing easier!