How To Be Patient With God's Will

Are you growing restless in your season of waiting? Do you wish God would go ahead and move you to the next phase of your life? We all grow through these seasons of waiting and yes, if we're not careful it is very easy to get impatient. 

You might even be bringing your worries to Him in prayer every day but nothing seems to happen. Here are some steps that should help you in your next season of waiting.

Step 1

Know that seasons of waiting is when you really grow as a Christian. It's in these trials or times of waiting that God does a great work in our lives.

Whether it's by teaching us something or by being a testimony for others. Know these trying times are when you grow the most.

Step 2

Get consumed in God's word. In order to grow in seasons of waiting you should be reading your Bible constantly and praying as much as possible. You won't grow if you never take action to learn more about our savior.

Step 3

Consider the purpose of the season. Ask yourself "How can I use this season to be a testimony and further grow in my walk with the Lord?". God has a purpose for everything He does including letting hard times come over us.

You will never truly know the actual reason until you get on the other side but ask yourself how you can grow because of it.

Step 4

Our final step is to put your full faith in the one who knows and controls everything. Once you realize He has a plan and purpose for everything, an enormous amount of stress will be lifted off your shoulders. 

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28


Thank you so much for reading our blog! Our Blogs have one purpose and it’s to help you grow spiritually. We hope these verses can be a help to you.

Have a great day! Remember, Jesus Loves You!

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