How To Grow In Your Relationship With Christ (Part 1)

We all know we need to grow in our relationship with Christ. Even Paul knew at the end of his life that he could still become a better Christian. I mean it even makes sense, Jesus was perfect and we aren't. So that means we could always be growing and becoming more like Christ.

So why is it that so many Christians grow stagnant in their faith? If we don't grow in our faith we will never experience the full power of God in our lives. We don't want that to be you so we're going to make this a series. Here are 5 steps you can use to grow your relationship with Christ.


Step 1: Decide to be committed to Jesus

This is the first step because you must decide you do actually want to grow spiritually. It's simple really, if you don't decide you want to grow then how could you ever expect to grow? That would be like expecting to get big muscles without ever working out.


Step 2: Bring some form of structure into the way you study the Bible

Whether it's getting on a Bible reading plan, doing a devotional book, or joining a Bible study. Adding structure to your regimen will make it so much easier to grow in your faith. You can also set aside a specific time each day that you will spend reading your Bible or doing your devotions.


Step 3: Pray as often as possible

This step is also crucial. Praying is how we communicate with our Heavenly father. What would you expect to happen if you never talked to a friend? Let's just say you wouldn't stay friends very long. This is why you need to pray because God is your Heavenly father and He wants to talk to us and answer our prayers.


Step 4: Get friends or family to help you

You aren't in this race alone. You need other Christians to hold you accountable and encourage you to do right. There will be days that you really don't want to take the time to read your Bible but you also don't want to let your friends down so you end up reading it. Accountability partners are extremely helpful to have when trying to stay consistent.


Step 5: Find a church and go to it

We must go to church whenever possible. This is why sports teams have team practice. Yes you can workout on your own but it's more efficient and it holds everyone accountable. Now make sure it's safe to go. While live service is more fun and beneficial to go because you get to see your brothers and sisters in Christ, online service still counts and is very beneficial.


We hope this helps you and we are coming out with Part 2 soon!

Thank you for reading this and let's go make witnessing easier!!