How To Pray

We are told many times that prayer is powerful and we know this one of the best ways, if not the best way, to grow our relationship with God. But how are we supposed to pray? 

I want to be a prayer warrior but when I sit down to pray it only takes a couple of minutes for my mind to drift off to what I'm doing later that day. How do I stop this? We're going to give you some tips so you can make your prayer life better and grow closer to the Lord.  


Tip 1 - Simplify it

Prayer is how we communicate with God. But we don't have to pray intense and persuasive words for God to hear us. We can talk to God exactly like we would talk to a friend. But something great about God is He's always by our side so we never have to stop the conversation.

This is what praying without ceasing means. (1 Thessalonians 5:17) You can be on your way to work, in school, etc. and you could say a quick prayer and God would hear you! You don't have to be elaborate with God because He already knows what you're thinking.


Tip 2 - Read your Bible

Prayer is how we communicate with God but the Bible is how He communicates with us. Would you expect to have a close relationship with someone if only one person was doing the talking? No, you wouldn't and the same things apply to our relationship with God.

The more time you spend communicating with the other person the more your relationship with that person will grow. So if we want a deeper relationship with God we need to be communicating with Him daily and we do this by reading our Bible and praying.


Tip 3 - Pray with purpose

Always pray with a purpose whether you're praying for strength, forgiveness, protection, a deeper relationship, or for someone in need. Prayer becomes lifeless when you're praying just because you think you should. 


Tip 4 - Ask for God's will

We see a perfect example of this in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus prays "not my will, but yours be done." We can even pray for God to show us His will so we can know what to do in a situation. This is extremely helpful when trying to pick a job to work at, a school to go to, or even a person we might think is our future spouse.

We see in Mark 11:24 and John 15:7 that whatever we ask God will give us but we also see in James 4:3 that we need to ask so God's will be done and not ours. God is our Heavenly Father and He wants the best for us, so like any good parent, he won't give us any less than the best, even if we really want whatever it is in that moment.


We hope this helps you in your prayer life and helps you grow closer to the Lord!