How To Share The Gospel

Sharing the gospel is our most important job as Christians. It's the sole reason Born Again Outfitters exist. So we can make being a witness easier. But there's no clear cut strategy or script telling us what we need to say or how to say it.

So we did A LOT of research and found what we believe to be the best way to share the gospel. We will link to the videos and blogs below.

First you have to make sure that you have no secondary agenda. You can't be witnessing so you can have the most conversions in your youth group, want to impress someone with how spiritual you are or even just because you know you have to.

You cannot have an ulterior motive or you're wasting your time and doing the person in need of salvation a huge disservice. You need to witness because you truly care about the person and where he/she will spend eternity. Jesus changes people's lives for the better! So why would you not want to tell someone and risk the possibility of changing their life?


Step 1: Ask them what they believe.

Ask them if they believe in an afterlife. If not ask them what they believes happens when we die. Ask them if the believe in heaven and hell. Then ask them why they believe what they believe. This is critical because not everyone knows why they believe certain things. 


Step 2: Admire something about them.

If they say they're an athiest, they're probably very factual but they just believe the wrong facts. If they're Mormon, then say how you admire how you see they're missionaries everywhere. Give them a true compliment that shows you care. 


Step 3: Ask them if they have ever sinned.

Ask them if they have ever stolen, lied, lusted, or taken God's name in vain. Most people will admit that they have done wrong in their life.


Step 4: Admit you have done wrong.

Admit you have sinned as well. Let them know that you don't think you are perfect. Let them know that you messed up plenty before meeting Christ and you still do.


Step 5: Tell them that's why I needed a Savior.

Tell them that's why I needed a Savior. Because God if perfect and you cannot go to Heaven unless you are perfect. Which is impossible unless you are God. Without a perfect sacrifice you would never have been able to go to Heaven. 

Step 6: Take them through the G.O.S.P.E.L.

G - God created humans to be with him.

O - Our sins separate us from God. When Adam sinned he forever separated man from God. 

S - Sins cannot be removed by good deeds. If they could be Jesus wouldn't have had to die.

P - Paying for the price Jesus died so we could be made clean. But more importantly He rose again conquering death.

E - Everyone who puts their faith and trust in him alone will receive eternal life.

L - Life with Jesus starts now and will last forever. Nothing or No one can separate us from God once we have put our trust in him.


Step 7: Ask them if it all makes sense. 

Ask them if it all sounds reasonable. Ask them if they understand it. If they say no it doesn't make sense then go back through it and clarify it for them. 


Step 8: Ask them what is holding them back from receiving eternal life right now.

If their is then deal with that and help them through that. If not, then right then and there they can put their faith and trust in Jesus. You can even lead them if a prayer if it helps.


Step 9: Get them plugged into church.

Whether it's getting them to go church with you or someone they know. They need to get in a good church so they don't forget and so they grow in Christ. This is not vital for salvation but it is vital for spiritual growth. 


Here are couple videos we used that will help you further your understanding on this subject.




Thank you so much for reading our blog! Our Blogs have one purpose and it’s to help you grow spiritually. We hope this can be a help to you.

Have a great day! Remember, Jesus Loves You!

Let's go make witnessing easier!