How Am I Supposed To Study The Bible?

We've always been told to study the Bible. We've always been told if we want a closer walk with God then we need to study the Bible. We might have even tried multiple times to study God's word but we still feel like it wasn't productive.

So how do you study the Bible and remember what you studied and actually get something out of it?


1. Study a book of the Bible

This is probably the most common method used in Bible studies and it can be extremely effective if you do it right. However, studying a book of the Bible will take more time and effort. It should take weeks to maybe even a month or two to truly study a book of the Bible. 

When studying a book you want to look for the main themes the author is trying to get across, who the author is writing to, and why he is writing. This should take time but if done right it can be the most rewarding.


2. Study a character

This is probably the least common method of the four but it can be a lot of fun. When studying a character you can look at what they did and why God decided to tell you about it. 

You can learn from the good things they did and from the mistakes you made. But most importantly you can look at how to apply these same things into your life to help make you the best Christian you can be. 


3. Study a certain topic

This is also another extremely common one you see used a lot by pastors. This is good because you can cross-reference different verses from different books and really get a good background on whatever it is you're are trying to learn. 

Examples of this could be how to be a good husband or wife, how to be a good witness, or you could even study stuff like what does the 7 often signify in the Bible. If you're trying to learn more about a single subject then this is probably the best study method you could use.


4. Study a Christian book

There are numerous books out there written by ordinary Christians with the aim of trying to help other Christians study the Bible. This is good because it's almost like a premade Bible study. The author writes the book and normally finds all the information on the subject and all you have to do is consume it.