What Do I Do When I'm Anxious About The Future?

The future can be very exciting as well as very scary. Whether you're are going into high school, going into college, or trying to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life, the future can be scary. 

I look on with anticipation as I think about marrying the man/woman of our dreams, moving into our dream house, or making a huge impact on the world.

But the only times we start getting anxious is when we start asking the "What if's". What if I don't marry the man/woman of my dreams, move into that house, or make that impact and that's when we get scared. So What do I do I do when I'm anxious about the future? 


1. Rely on God and know He holds the future.

When we fear the future we forget to rely on God. We forget He has a good and perfect plan for our lives. We forget we aren't in control but an all-knowing all-mighty God is that knows the future and wants the best for us.

So next time we start to fear the future just remind yourself "The God that created the universe and me knows the future and has a plan for me!".


2. Do what God is calling you to do.

You will find no greater joy then following God's will. If you feel him calling you to go to some remote nation and spread the gospel then that's what you will receive the greatest amount of joy from.

It doesn't matter if you say no to God and make millions of dollars, the amount of joy you would have received from simply following God's will be infinitely greater.


3. How do I know what God is calling me to do?

The answer to this question is simple. To know what God wants you to do you must pray and be constantly in His word. You can even ask God that He show you His plan for your life. Just be willing to listen when He tells you.


4. This does NOT mean you can be lazy!

If you want to marry your dream man/woman, then become the woman/man they would want to marry. If you want that dream job or business, then put in the work and get the knowledge you need to get it.

If you want to make that impact for Christ where you feel God calling you, then learn that language if necessary and figure out how to get to the country or city that God is calling you too. Just because God controls the future doesn't mean we can't work hard to achieve success in whatever He wants us to do.