Who Created God

“Who created God?” This is probably one of the greatest counter arguments against creationists and it seems completely logical to ask.

If everything was created wouldn’t that mean God was created too? I mean that seems logical right? But the only problem with that is if you find God’s creator then you’ll keep asking who created God’s creator and so on and so on.

You’ll always keep asking who created the creator. But the thing is God didn’t have a creator. When we ask “Who created God?” We’re assuming that everything that  has a purpose, has a creator.

Which means God would have to be created. But that’s not the case, everything that has a beginning, has a purpose. And God has no beginning. He’s always been there and will always be there. See God is the one thing that doesn’t need a cause.

Another illustration you could use is imagine I had a few of wooden bricks stacked up on a table. You would ask what’s the top brick standing on, and it would be standing on the middle brick.

Then you would ask what the middle brick is standing on, and you would say the bottom brick. And then you’d ask what the bottom brick is standing on and you would say the table. But what’s the table standing on? It’s standing on the ground.

You wouldn’t ask what the ground is standing on because it’s the ground. The ground isn’t standing on anything. God is like the ground. He’s not standing on or wasn’t created by anything. God is the one being that was created and never had a beginning.

Yes this is hard for our human brains to understand but we need our creator to bring time, space, and matter all at one moment or none of anything would exist.

Thank you to Justin Brierley for the second example!!