Why Do We Believe the Bible?

What are you going to do when someone in your life comes up to you and asks "Why do you believe the Bible?" What would you say? Would you say something like "Because I've always believed the Bible," "Because It's true," or something like "Because it's God's word."

You can't do that though. If I asked someone why they believe in a different religion and they said because it's true or because I've always believed it. I would think that person hasn't really thought a lot about it and looked at other evidence.

This is what we do to people when we give these answers to other people. This is also why it's extremely important to know why we believe what we believe. So this is part one in the "Why Do We Believe the Bible?" series that will hopefully be instrumental in sharing your faith.

Today we are focusing on the Bible's scientific accuracy. The Bible has always been way ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the world around us.

I mean it's the number of times where the Bible has been ahead of science had been probably too many to count. It's truly amazing how modern-day science keeps proving the Bible.

Whether it's scientists not believing animals came after their kind, contrary to what the Bible says, but now that is widely accepted. Or even many scientists and philosophers rejected the claim that the universe had a beginning, which they did for thousands of years, but now that's undisputed with even atheistic scientists believing in the Big Bang.


But my personal favorite is how far ahead the Bible has been with recent geological findings. So the Bible clearly states a worldwide flood occurred. However, many geologists still argued this and said that rock layers and the fossils found were deposited very slowly.

But today geologists all agree that rock layers and fossils were deposited catastrophically based on the sedimentary patterns they can now see. We've even found sea fossils on the top of mountain ranges!

So how can there be this many examples of the Bible being ahead of science unless this very Bible was written by an all-knowing God who created everything and knows how everything works.

Plus there are way more instances of science proving the Bible throughout history then one can possibly fit into one article and I encourage you to look into this for yourself because that's when your faith truly becomes YOURS and then you really start seeing changes in your life.

So I challenge you with this whole series do your own research and see what I'm talking about. Look at all the evidence and know why you believe what you believe.