Why Does God Allow Bad Things To Happen

This has to be one of the most common questions asked today. It seems like such a simple and straight forward question. If God is a good God and all powerful, why doesn't He just stop bad things from happening?

Well to start off God is not the one to blame for the evil in this world. We as humans are responsible for that. You see when God created Adam and Eve He gave them free will. This means humans can choose to do wrong but we can also choose to do wright. 

But why not take away that choice? If God took away the choice to do wrong we would be nothing more than robots and God doesn't want that. He wanted His creation to choose to love him and obey Him. He didn't want a bunch of mindless robots praising Him because He forced them too He wanted His creation praising Him because of the sacrifice He made. 

Now the obvious bad part about this is that evil happens and it hurts people. But that doesn't mean God can't use other people's mistakes to help you grow! God uses trials in our life to help us grow stronger in our faith. 

There are some things you will never know the reasoning behind until you get to Heaven. Why God took that loved one away, why God didn't let you make that team, get that promotion, or even why He let that person hurt you in the way He did. We may never know the why but be rest assured that God knows the plan and He is executing it to perfection.

Now it doesn't mean that trusting God while your in a trial will be easy. It's actually going to be very hard! But you have almighty God the creator of the universe on your side and He is committed to your growth!