Jesus Cares Unisex Tee

Jesus Cares Unisex Tee

Jesus Cares Unisex Tee

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One of the major problems many people face today is feeling like nobody cares. So we were trying to come up with a shirt idea that lets people know even if no one else in the world cares, Jesus does

We think this message is powerful beyond measure because knowing someone cares would change anyone's life. Knowing someone cares will change a person's quality of life and possibly save it! So we knew we had to nail this but we couldn't come up with a short powerful message that we could put on a t-shirt.

We came up with "Jesus cares about what you're going through", "Jesus cares that you lost your job", "Jesus cares that you lost your loved one" but none of them worked.

We wanted to come up with the phrase that would let people going through any difficulty know that Jesus cares about them and what they're going through. Then it hit us! JESUS CARES! This works for every situation.

Whether person has just lost a loved one, lost a job, battling depression, or is facing any other difficulties in their life, you can let them know Jesus cares and wants to help them! This message could change someones life and that makes us super excited to see what opportunities this shirt may bring to spread the love of Jesus Christ!



100% super soft cotton

Light Fabric

Tear away label

Retail fit

Runs true to size


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